Your tenants will never miss
another package delivery

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Your tenants will never miss another package delivery

Doorman24 provides Managers, Owners and Co-op/Condo Boards with the most affordable remote doorman services
$0 up-front cost


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How Doorman24 Works

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    Delivery person Calls Doorman24 through the video intercom

    When the delivery person arrives to deliver a package he/she presses the “Doorman24” button on the intercom call box. This sends an alert to Doorman24’s 24/7 Central Station and creates a video and audio connection between the delivery person and the Doorman24 agent.

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    Doorman24 Verifies delivery

    Doorman24 agent determines through video and verbal verification that it is a valid delivery.

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    Access is granted and Delivery is being made

    Access is granted by remotely releasing the front door lock. The delivery person enters the building and deposits the packages at the designated drop area.

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    Doorman24 Notifies tenants

    Doorman24 agent sends e-mail or text message notifications to tenants that a package has been received.

Additional Services

Access Control

  • Providing remote access to the building for scheduled maintenance
    service calls (boiler, phone, elevators, fire inspection, etc.).
  • Unlocking doors remotely for emergency personnel (ambulance, law enforcement, fire department).
  • Providing other customized access services per the Building’s needs.


  • Notifying building personnel that the front door is jammed or open
    for longer than a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Installing cameras and video recording system in areas of interest.
  • Providing video monitoring services for designated areas of interest.

 $ 0 up-front cost.

Plans starting @ $399/month.

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