Doorman 24 Blog

Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ
38 apartments

February 9, 2016

This month is the 5th year anniversary since Doorma24 started our virtual doorma24 service at this apartment building in Jersey City.
The building has 38 apartments and is located in a landmark building in down town Jersey City.
The service includes daily package deliveries and access control for various service providers.

West Street, Brooklyn, NY
125 apartments

February 9, 2016

High-end residential building located at the Green Point area in Brooklyn NY.
This is a very high traffic building with a large number of daily package deliveries. The building has 125 apartments with a large young professional population that uses suppliers like UPSA, FedEx, Fresh Direct and others.
Doorman24 handles all package deliveries and advises tenants when packages have been received.

25 Rockwood Place, Englewood, NJ
25 office suites

February 9, 2016

We welcome 25 Rockwood Place to our client list.
25 Rockwood is a class A type office building with an onsite doorman located in the Lobby.
Doorman24 provides Virtual Doormn24 services from 8 PM to 6AM daily.
The Building management wanted to eliminated the “night shift” and use Doorman24
to provide access control as well as monitoring service for the entire building after hours.