The Problem

Thousands of tenants living today in residential apartment buildings are experiencing the inconvenience of a missed home delivery and the painful realization that a trip to the shipping company’s storage depot (UPS, FEDEX, USPS etc.) is the only course of action. The majority of tenants are not home during the day. When the delivery courier makes an attempt to deliver a package, there is no one to open the building’s front door and accept the package. This condition creates multiple unsuccessful delivery attempts by the courier. The package ends up at the shipping company’s depot. In this day and age it is so easy to buy online but the last mile of the delivery chain remains broken.


The Solution

The Doorman 24 solution by Visentry is a cost effective “Turn-key” solution for residential and commercial buildings that do not have a doorman on premises to open the front door and accept deliveries.
The Doorman 24 service is implemented via the use of video and audio over the internet and a connection to the Doorman24 Central Station. An Intercom with a built-in Camera is installed at the front door and a Doorman24 agent responds when the call button is pressed by delivery personnel.
After identification the agent opens the door remotely and allows the delivery person to enter the building and deposit the packages at the designated drop area. The agent sends e-mail or text message notifications to tenants that a package has been received.

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